Thursday, 29 November 2007

Interview With Tom Pryce

Jordan: Hello Tom, and I just want to say thanks for taking your time to be interviewed for the Aberdeen College Magazine, Most of these questions will be directed at 16-20 years olds.

Tom: Hi there Jordan, and its quite alright, I enjoy these types of things, and thats quite alright also.
Jordan: Well last get down to the questions then shall we.

Tom: I think we should Jordan (laughs)

Jordan: So Tom What kind of music are you enjoying these days, and who is your favourtie band at the moment?

Tom: Well at the moment Iam loving my rock, Iam really into my The Clash and The Rolling Stones.

Jordan: Ah right, Iam great fans of them also..........erm i also have a question on what you do in your spare time?

Tom: Well in my spare time Iam usually practicing on the track getting ready for my big races at the weekends.

Jordan: Sounds fun, also what kind of advice would you give to a young formula one driver?

Tom: Never stop beleiveing, anything can happen.

Jordan: Get advice Tom, Well thats all we have for and I just want to thank you Tom for taking your time to take this interview for the Aberdeen College Magazine.

Tom:(laughs) anytime Jordan, and thank you.